Celebrating a victory and giving thanks

We won!

Five months of campaigning is over, and I am so excited to start work as the mayor of Sheridan along with the council that will be sworn in December 11. Together, we can build bonds of community and make Sheridan a place all of our residents are proud to call “home.” We can make it more beautiful and welcoming to everyone. We will modernize our government to make it more efficient and accessible without sacrificing its small town benefits, like always reaching a human being when you need to ask a question. We can provide outstanding service to, and communication with, our residents and businesses.

Now, a long list of thanks, because I wasn’t elected without a ton of help. My core supporters, who put in hours of work or made a contribution to help me get out the word about my campaign, you all deserve the most credit, and I thank you sincerely!

Our families

My parents, Rich and Carol Beiter

My husband’s parents, Gene and Mary Prince

My brother, Scott Beiter

My aunt, Pat Beiter

Mayor Dallas Hall, a role model and also a supporter

Business owners

Robert Prado

Tenicia Lowrie

Neighbors and friends

Heather Appel

Sally Daigle

Guy Davis, Muriah Summer, and Kai

Heather, Jaxon, and Landon Gervell

Indira Guzman-Sais

Genevieve Laca Westmoreland, Aiden, and Charlie

Bobbie Mooney

Maggie and Cliff Mueller

Jean Ray

I also want to thank all of you ardent supporters and cheerleaders in Sheridan and around the world. Your messages of support have been greatly appreciated.

I also appreciate the strong competitors I faced in this election. We showed that democracy is alive and well in our city. We had a respectful and civil competition in a time when these qualities seem to be in short supply. Thank you for that. I especially want to thank Ernie Camacho, who has served with me in Ward 3 for eight years and was kind enough to call and congratulate me this morning, and Dave Black, who will continue to serve with me on City Council.

Thank you also to the organizations who worked to get out the word about candidates and issues in our community. The City of Sheridan, Sheridan Recreation Center, and Sheridan Public Library all put out information or made a place for candidates and issue committees to provide information to the public. Special thanks to those who put on the first ever Sheridan Candidate Forum in September: the City, Sheridan School District, and organizers/moderators Chris Calderon, Clark Bond, and former mayor Roger Rowland.

Last, but not least, thank you to my husband, Troy Fluhr, and our sons Nick, Taran, and Victor. You have put up with me being gone for meetings for ages, and now you have uncomplainingly helped me get myself into more meetings and more responsibilities. You walked with me and cheer for me, and your pride makes me feel like a million bucks!

With deepest appreciation,


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